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At One Source Beauty Supply, we are committed to being your go-to beauty supplier, providing top-quality human and synthetic hair for braids, weaves, and more. Explore our extensive range of human and synthetic wigs, BiGen hair dyes, cosmetics, nail products, barber supplies, and hair accessories. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer delivery options and in-store purchase for your convenience.

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Your Beauty Needs, Our Priority

At One Source Beauty Supply, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional beauty products, competitive prices, and reliable customer service. Our commitment to excellence sets us apart from the rest, and we are dedicated to being your one-stop beauty destination.


 Human &
Synthetic Hair

Discover premium human and synthetic hair options for braids, weaves, and more. Elevate your style with our high-quality hair extensions that offer versatility and natural-looking beauty.


Human Wigs and
Synthetic Wigs

Embrace a stunning transformation with our collection of human and synthetic wigs. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and adventurous, find the perfect wig to express your unique style.


BiGen Hair Dyes
and more.

Unleash your creativity with BiGen Hair Dyes. Explore a spectrum of vibrant colors and express yourself fearlessly, all while maintaining healthy and luscious hair.


Hair Care, Skincare, RedOnes Gel, etc

Enhance your beauty routine with our premium cosmetics. From nourishing hair care products to rejuvenating skincare essentials, we've got you covered from head to toe.


Nails &
Nail Polish

Elevate your manicure game with our extensive range of nail products. Discover trendy nail polish shades and professional-grade tools to create stunning nail art.



Empower barbers and hair professionals with top-notch supplies. Our selection of Babyliss clippers and trimmers ensures precision and efficiency in every cut.



Add the perfect finishing touch to your hairstyle with our stylish hair accessories. From hairpins to headbands, explore a variety of options to complement your look.


& Glue

Accentuate your eyes and enhance your natural beauty with our eyelash collection. Choose from a range of styles to achieve captivating looks for any occasion.

Step into our store or give us a call to explore our captivating beauty catalogue - Delivery options available!

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